This versatile snow brush by SNOW NINJA is designed to help you conquer the snow! The SNOW NINJA T-Plow now makes it easy to push or pull off snow with the car friendly, bristled brush head or the flexible patented blade. Extend the brush head up to 48″ to remove the hard to reach lumps of snow on your car, truck, suv or van all while avoiding dumping the snow into your boots. The flexible ice scraper will get right down to business clearing your curved windshield and windows of ice thanks to its unparalleled flexibility. Great for any SUV, car, pick-up, truck or van. The SNOW NINJA T-Plow was designed in Canada (in Quebec to be precise) by Canadians for a Canadian Company… and we have lots of snow and lots of ice…

We Know WinterTM!


The SNOW NINJA’s industry leading soft bristles are made of the finest material and their fraying is numerically controlled for more efficient snow removal.


The SNOW NINJA’s unique wide head will cleantop surfaces and side panels more easily and less effort. This dual position head allows for cleaning all surfaces ergonomically and efficiently with a simple push of a button. Use the closed 9″ brush or blade for easy sweep clearing or compact storage. and the open 18″ T position brush or blade for even easier push or pull clearing.


The SNOW NINJA’s unique Polymer blade is the smoothest swipe for vehicles surfaces. Efficient and safe for all your moldings, trimmings and mirrors. It’s combination of flexible blade and reinforced fingers gives you the best cleaning tool for wet and heavy snow conditions.


All SNOW NINJA brushes are equipped with this unique patented flexible scraper. It adapts to all your windows and windshield curves for perfect and uniform ice removal.


  • Snow brush with unique wide head
  • The head is 9 inches closed and 18 inches open
  • The softest brush bristles
  • Patented Scratch-Free wide blade with reinforced fingers
  • Comfort grip foam handle for ease of use
  • Easy push button extension (even with thick gloves)
  • Extends from 36 to 48 inches (91 to 122 cm)
  • Flexible scraper
  • Tested for winter at -40°C
  • Heavy-duty Canadian design